The Importance of Custom Reports for Marketing Agencies

Reports are the pillars of a solid marketing campaign. The key goal of a marketing report is to prove the value of your company’s services. A high-quality custom report can:

  • Reduce client churn by showcasing the value your agency brings to the company.
  • Promote new services and budget increases at the right time.
  • Automate the reporting process and allow the team to spend time on other aspects of the campaign.

For boutique marketing agencies, creating manual custom reports can be problematic. The time these reports take can be spent doing other important work. However, the lack of custom reports could hinder the relationship with top clients.

Why Clients Need Custom Reports

Since marketing work doesn’t provide visible results immediately, clients tend to feel frustrated.  Generic, poorly-processed data could leave them confused and doubting the quality of your services.

Focusing on Specific Metrics

A custom report, tailored to the client’s needs and demands, can show how much you care about their company’s bottom line. Meanwhile, by focusing on metrics, which are specific to your client, it’s possible to show your deep expertise and receive valuable feedback,

Clarifying Complex Issues

Many agencies don’t pay enough attention to ensuring the clients’ full understanding of their work. They assume that clients know the basics and omit seemingly unimportant information from their reports.

Custom reports can give context and explanations to every single metric and data type since the majority of clients doesn’t have any marketing experience.

A report shouldn’t make a client feel stupid. Just the opposite, it should present information in a comprehensive manner.

Why Marketing Agencies Should Create Custom Reports

Agencies can benefit from creating custom reports as much as their clients, if not more.

Outdoing the Competition

Not too many marketing companies are ready to offer custom reports because they take too much time and effort to create. Doing this can set you apart from the competition.

Capitalizing on Personalization

Just as you are using personalization to drive marketing campaigns, you should take advantage of it when interacting with clients.

In the 21st century, companies expect you to tailor your services to suit their needs. When you hit them with a generic report, you could be showing yourself the door.


If your marketing campaign is performing well, a custom report is a perfect place to cross-sell your services. While creating the report, you can pitch new services, new channels, and budget increases.

How to Create a Good Custom Report

Just like two marketing strategies for different clients, no two reports should be the same. While generating standard reports could save you time, it may have a negative effect on your relationship with the client.

If the client doesn’t understand the extent of your efforts by reading the marketing report, they may start doubting your efficiency. Consider including these elements in your custom reports:

  • A quick summary — your clients are always pressed for time. By creating a short summary of the key points of your report, you can save them time and showcase your expertise
  • Charts and graphs — to make sure the client understands the dynamics of your marketing campaign, highlight your monthly achievements by creating comprehensive graphs and charts.
  • Campaign segmentation — at the end of your report, you can present a list of your campaigns (social media, SEO, PPC) and report on each of them separately.

Taking Full Advantage of Custom Marketing Reports

Custom marketing reports come with a wide variety of benefits and only one downside: the time it takes to create them.

At Helios, we have decades of experience working with data and turning it into efficient client retention and satisfaction tool.

If you are spending too much time on your custom marketing reports, give us a call. With our assistance, you can focus on other important aspects of your campaigns while keeping clients happy.



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