The Top Four Benefits of Data-Driven Marketing

Gathering data is the fundamental key to understanding what is happening now (and what could happen) within your business. Over the years, gathering marketing data went from scant information about buyers to now knowing so much more through digital resources.

Taking on further data-driven marketing is the only way forward to fully understand your customers and what kind of products they want from you. Take a minute to read these four benefits to compiling more granular marketing data as a way toward an ever-increasing bigger picture.

1. Deeper Insights into Who Your Customers Are

Who are your customers, really? Working without that information is like running a marathon in the dark. Maybe you are researching customers, yet how much information do you really have?

Thanks to a wider digital universe and better tools available, very detailed information is available on the people who buy from you. Moreover, you can find this data on prospective leads to help all efforts in lead generation.

The more you know about the consumers you target, the more you work toward creating products you know they want. Plus, you understand their pain points so marketing efforts go toward honing in on their emotions and how to solve their problems.

Being armed with this knowledge is the most powerful method to market nowadays in a more personalized way.

2. Understanding Your Company’s Value

Knowing all about your own company is another key essential of doing more data-driven marketing. Through the use of data visualization tools, your company gains a visual sense of how you are doing and where to go next.

Having these multi-layered insights into your business enlightens everyone in your company. They will now know what they need to do to bring further growth. Never second-guess on company data since you could always miss something.

Being able to visualize this for company presentations provides a more compelling way to motivate everyone in their jobs. It provides a roadmap toward future goals as well.

Many data-driven tools offer a look into the future for a clearer picture of future business reality.

3. What Kind of Marketing Content Really Works

If already creating some marketing content, how do you know if it’s really doing well with your targeted demographics? When armed with tools like data pipelines, you get data from numerous sources to gain a larger digital picture of how your marketing performs.

Imagine being able to get an omnichannel picture of how your marketing content performs from every source. Through custom-built connections, you can take all this data from any place with ease. Part of this involves using the cloud for easy access data storage and access to everything 24/7.

The true best aspect of data-driven marketing is to have it at your fingertips at any time. Being able to share it with your team to keep them in the know has equal value.

Filtering your data with algorithms and custom fields helps bring better visuals to whether your marketing content is working as you thought.

4. Keeps Your Brand Message Consistent

Maintaining a sense of consistency in your brand is what your customers expect out of your marketing efforts. Paying attention to overly basic data could potentially mean going off-course in your marketing messages. You may end up confusing the demographics you intend to attract.

Unifying and decluttering all the marketing data you already have should also become top priority to make this work. Once again, that data-driven snapshot of your own company helps you understand what type of message your customers really respond to.

Where do you turn to help with these challenges? Our focus at Helios is data science where data pipelines, storage, analysis, and visualization are our main pillars of expertise.

Visit us to learn more about how we can bring data-driven marketing tools to you as your official outsourced chief data officer.



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