The Secrets to Inspiring Data Viz Use

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Businesses of all shapes and sizes are shifting towards data driven culture. The shift starts when leaders recognize the importance of harnessing their data and using it to make more efficient business decisions. Presenting data and analytics through dashboards allows people to visualize, digest, and utilize it. Creating a data viz takes time and energy, so when people are reluctant to consume them, it can be frustrating. Here are three top tips that will entice your team to adopt using your data viz in their daily routine.


“A good dashboard immediately provides actionable information in seconds, but also allows the viewer to be able to find deeper insight.”

Charles Baldridge, CEO and Founder of Sol Analytica

A concise and simple dashboard makes valuable analytics easy to consume. People will shy away from dashboards that appear busy or complicated. The KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) should be the first thing people see. This will grab their attention and entice them to digest the analytics behind them. Strategically determine KPIs that are tailored to your success. Using trusted data will allow you to stay up to date on trends and adjust decision making as needed. The goal is to make the analytics as consumable as possible, so people aren’t hesitant to pull up your data viz. There are plenty of resources for design and user interface tips to use.


Leading by example: show others how you use analytics to drive results throughout your daily routine. People need to see data driven decision making in action. Be confident and reference your data viz in meetings or when you are discussing projects. This will give others the assurance that it is easy to effectively use the dashboards. When presenting to higher ups, emphasize value and how data-driven decision-making increases operational efficiency. CEOs across the board are being hassled about their data strategy and want the shift to a data driven culture to make their life easier. Show examples of how seamlessly incorporating analytics into your decision-making process has benefitted your success.

Communication and Accessibility

Simplifying access to dashboards with an embedded analytics solution. The final step to fully harnessing the power of your data is communication and accessibility. Whether sharing internally or with clients, the process of accessing dashboards can be confusing and time consuming. When sharing dashboards through programs like Tableau, the user interface experience is busy and frustrating to navigate. Embedded analytics solutions remove all the friction from the way dashboards are communicated. These new portals allow you to white label and embed the dashboards you want to share into a URL. Instead of asking everyone to search for your data viz, they simply go to the portal website, log in, and are immediately viewing the data most valuable to them. White labeling also allows your dashboards to represent your brand by removing all the references to Tableau. The Sol Vista Portal solution has influenced people’s daily use of dashboards by simplifying communication. Contact our team to learn more at 424-350-5184.

Harnessing the power of data IS for everyone

Strategic use of good KPIs will speak for themselves and provide data driven results. Implementing a data driven culture can start with one person getting others to embed analytics in their decision-making process. Sol Analytica specializes in empowering small and mid-size businesses to accelerate growth by giving them the data tools they need.



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