What To Know About Dashboards for Marketing Agencies

For marketing agencies, dashboards are a critical tool. A dashboard presents key performance indicators (KPIs) in a non-technical way that also makes it easy for clients to understand the data and make informed decisions. 

Despite the vital role dashboards play, getting the right dashboard for marketing agencies is not always easy. Marketing agencies are a unique niche, which means the perfect dashboard needs to meet specific demands. Unfortunately, even marketing companies don’t do an excellent job of designing the ideal dashboard for several reasons. Here are some of them:  

A Diverse Stack of Data Collection Tools 

Marketing agencies rely on a vast number of tools like Google Analytics, Mailchimp, Adroll, and HubSpot for raw data collection.

The ultimate dashboard should pull data from all the relevant tools, compile it, and also present it to the client in a simple and easy to understand format. Given the sheer volume of data, it’s easy to understand why marketing agencies might struggle to find an ideal dashboard with the capacity to synchronize different data sources and process the information. 

Lack of Custom Reports 

Each client has different needs and a unique marketing puzzle. The approach and data required vary, which means marketing agencies need to present separate analytics to various clients.

Most dashboards available to marketing agencies provide the same data stream to various clients. This often makes customizing a tall and tedious order. 

Lack of Proper Tracking Metrics 

One of the reasons that marketing agencies might struggle with customized reporting is due to a lack of proper tracking metrics to keep tabs on individual campaigns or client acquisitions.

Additional tools like Google Tag and call systems like CallRail can go along way in keeping track of individual metrics. However, there is the challenge of adding the data collected from these additional tools and presenting it to the different clients on a single platform.  

What is Helios? 

Helios is dedicated to helping marketing agencies find solutions to their dashboard challenges. With years of experience assisting companies spur growth, Helios also understands the challenges involved in compiling data from the different silos that don’t typically work together and presenting it in an easy to understand format to your clients.  

With the Helios Marketing Dashboard, presenting simple and actionable data for clients is easier. The dashboard has a variety of features that make it the ultimate tool for marketing agencies. Here’s why: 

White label solutions 

With Helios, you don’t have to worry about building your systems from the ground up. The heavy lifting is pre-built. All that is left is completing a few tweaks to customize your dashboard, and it is ready for use.

Enterprise-grade software for data geeks

Helios allows you to extract data from hundreds of cloud-based applications and gather it in a central location. This offers easier analysis as well as eventual visualization. 

Considering that most of the data sources cannot synchronize, you need a powerful dashboard that can cut through the red tape and effectively get the analytics from multiple sources with ease then present it for visualization to your clients in a format that they can understand. That is exactly what Helios does for you!

Custom dashboards and reports 

Part of a successful marketing strategy is providing your client with the right data to allow them to make the right decisions. In most cases, the data cells that work for one client won’t work for the next, hence the need for custom reports and dashboards to match the client’s needs.

Using Helios, you can unlock the full reporting potential. You can also give your clients bespoke reports to help them make the best decisions to fuel business growth. 

A proper dashboard is the only remaining link between you and tangible results for your clients. With clear, accurate, and comprehensive data presented in an easy to digest format, you and your clients can finally make decisions that help you steer the business in the right direction. 



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